Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Own Public Resignation

Today, after reading 2 very public resignations, one from a google employee ( and one from a Goldman Sachs employee ( I have decided to publicly write about my own resignation.

After much soul searching I have decided it is finally time to leave Doing Fuck All. I won't name names or slag anyone off, but lets just say the culture of Doing Fuck All has changed dramatically over the past 6 years to the point where I have been forced to leave.

Initially it was such a cool place. The freedom of Doing Fuck All was the best environment to work in. The people around me, the wife, the kids and the cats were great - leaving me to dip into my creative side and fullfill my ambition of doing not a lot at all. 

There was no inner circle, no hierarchy, in fact absolutely Fuck All at all. Which meant the pressure to deliver was non existent. The projects were innovative and exciting though - such as School Run, Endless Lunches, Coastal Walks and Nights Out. The opportunity for trips abroad with projects that stretched the boundaries and night times were also legendary.

But that was then, and this is now.

I don't know exactly what changed but the culture and the weight of expectation on my Non Existent Workload and my stomach began to take its toll. Did Doing Fuck All become a bit corporate and lazy? I tried to exercise the body but maybe the brain just couldn't take it any more. Did it (or me) just get too big?

So therefore in the last couple of months I have decided to stop Doing Fuck All and leave the comfort of the sofa and start to get out and about seeking a new challenge. Doing Fuck All is still cool and I might return to it at any point but I am now seeking to join Something or the more progressive and exciting startup Something Else if the offer is right. All the projects I listed above including Endless Lunches are just as good and sometimes better (depending on the menu)

Doing Fuck All was great while it lasted and I look back with fondness but my new career as Something Fucking Else may be just as good.

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