Thursday, March 8, 2012

Google - Too Big For Their Boots

I used to think Google were so cool. They were the epitome of everything good on the internet. Clean, fast, innovative, simple.

However, over the years my love affair has been eroded. Like IBM in the 80's, Microsoft in the 90's (and probably Facebook in the next decade) they have become too large to the extent they are arrogant and faceless.

Two recent stories have pushed me over the edge.

The first regarded an alleged practise on OpenStreetMap - see

"...someone with a Google IP address was found to be vandalising the project, inputting false information in several cities, such as directing one-way street signs in the wrong direction."

The second was much worse.

Please take a few minutes to read

Its shocking and although over a month old I felt needs to be reported again. I know Google have apologised and sacked people because of it but that doesn't forgive what they have become.

Shame on you Google - what else are you up to.

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