Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Remember The iPhone....

I have been a lot of clearing out lately moving into a new office at home. I'm a hoarder so I have boxes and boxes of stuff.

I came across a box with my old Sinclair ZX Spectrum and all its games. OK so its showing my age - I think it came out about 1982, it was a fantastic gadget at the time and a marked improvement of the ZX81 (which I don't have anymore) 

The games were loaded from cassettes  - if they worked - and were genius and ground breaking at the time. I used to buy magazines and program in the code to make a few blocks drop pixels in letter U buckets. Is this where I picked up my coding skills - I doubt it as it should have put me off. The code had to be stored back onto cassette tapes and I remember with horror spending 2 hours typing in some code only for the builders in the house to switch off the electrics and it was lost. Happy times....

Next I came across across all my old laptops probably since mid 90's - all shapes and sizes.

Why I kept these I have no idea - probably full of lots of old data and emails that would make interesting reading now if I could be bothered to get them working - which I'm not.

Also another box of a mishmash of gameboy consoles, ipods, nano's and other game consoles that are antiques now.

Finally a box of old phones - again of all shapes and sizes 

Each laptop, phone, game console, gadget was brought lovingly with excitement (yes I am probably sad) and seen at its time as state of the art technology. OK, so the Spectrum was 30 years ago, but most of the others were within the last decade.

So, lets all take a few minutes to look longingly at out iPhone or Macbook Air or whatever yours is and imagine a decade in the future......for without a doubt they will soon be obsolete.


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