Thursday, November 15, 2012

The FriendsReunited Conspiracy (?)– Part 6 – The Connection

In summary a group of people have been after me for years and have completed a 12-year investigation into the history of FR in an attempt to discredit me. They allege that we copied the idea from them through contact with a developer that they had engaged to write their website and that we lied about our launch and have been doing so ever since. They have been contacting us on and off for 7 years. In August we received an email and a 21-page summary of their investigation.

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The main part of their claim is that we knew the developer that they were going to use for their own website back in 2000, and that he told us their idea and we went onto copy it.

After 12 years of investigation, 120 pages of notes, numerous private investigators, friends, solicitors, police officers, and many more people and probably hundreds of man-hours, the proof of our connection with this developer is listed below on the next page. (Please scroll down)

That’s it

That’s the proof they have found – nothing – a blank page.

I told them from first contact that I did not know and had never met this person,. However, like everything else I was not believed on this. You would have thought by now after 12 years that the lack of evidence was proof enough. Of course you can’t prove something that didn’t happen, but they now propose to create a website, put up a 250K reward (jaw drop!) for information and to use social marketing to try and find a link that doesn’t exist.

It seems so strange that all their efforts were put into this one act. Why did they not try and use their resource to try and confirm anything about the history of FR that is in the public domain.

I am a big believer in the theory of 6-degrees of separation. Where everyone is connected to everyone through 6 different people. I believe there are probably many connections between their developer and me – in fact it should be a lot less than 6. Think about it – we are both developers and live in the SE of England. That should be easy to find a spurious link or two. Or so you would think. I hope they haven’t paid too much to their various private investigators.

However, I would like to come to the rescue and save a lot of time and money.

When I knew I was meeting one of these people (lets call him Mr A) earlier this year, I spent half an hour the night before trying to find Mr A on LinkedIn. It didn’t take long.

And there down the right hand side of the screen is LinkedIn’s very own 6-degree style connection. It had me -> connected to one of my contacts -> connected to one of Mr A’s contacts -> connected to Mr A and the main person behind all of this.

A connection in 3 degrees.

And since Mr A employed their developer back in 2000 when this all started, then he is connected to the developer.

I found the link.

I printed it out and showed him the next day. I don’t think he got the irony.

Can I claim my £250,000 now please.

Coming Next – The FriendsReunited Conspiracy (?) – Part 7 – The FACTS behind FriendsReunited


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