Monday, July 30, 2012

Sports I'd Never Thought I'd Watch (and ones I don't want to)

Not even 3 days in and I've found myself glued to the Olympics. Whenever I turn on the TV I get hooked onto whichever sport is on. 
Taking aside the (somewhat brilliant) 47 hour opening ceremony, I have so far watched -
Diving - ladies synchronised, mens synchronised (disappointment)
Gymnastics - brilliant Bronze by mens team just now (should have been silver)
Hockey - ladies TeamGB against Japan - great win
Weightlifting - got very excited watching GB Zoey Smith (18 years old!) perform so well
Beach Volley Ball - great ladies win for GB yesterday against Canada and added attraction of  watching Zara Dampney (!)
Handball - dont even know the rules
Cycling - great silver in the ladies road race
Basketball - TeamGB got beat
Swimming - great camera angles 
Table tennis - I thought I was ok until I saw them play
and a few other highlights of other sports including archery, shooting and sailing
But the two that I can't watch are Football and Tennis. These are on all the time outside of the Olympics and are professional to the nth degree so watching a bunch of second rate TeamGB players struggling to overcome the mighty Senegal and UAE was sad in the extreme. I love my football but actually turned over to watch the gymnastics. Why did we bother. (I actually have tickets to the mens football final but not that excited about it - of course that will probably change if TeamGB actually get there)
What next - Olympic Golf (I hear that might be happening), Cricket and Formula 1.
Leave it to these great sports that don't get normal global coverage.

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  1. Went to see the womens footie at Coventry and had a great time. However those teams are made up of the best world players unlike the mens