Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Addressing Issue

When was the last time you read a site's Terms and Conditions. Even if you do they are usually so long and legalistic its a bit of a lottery to understand some of the important terms. So what is the point if after using a service and agreeing to the unread T&C's, the that site goes and changes them to allow them to do something you didn't allow them to do.

It came out last week that a lot of sites have accessing our address books on our iPhones and not just using the data (I sort of knew and expected that) but actually storing it. Firstly Path got caught out and then it transpires that a lot of other sites, including Twitter do so. And what does Twitter do - it changes its T&C's so that in place of "scan your contacts", the site will use "upload your contacts" and "import your contacts" instead, for iPhone and Android apps respectively. This makes a mockery of it.

Sorry everyone - at last count I had a address book of over a 1000 names, addresses, email and phone numbers. Looks like every app I've ever downloaded could be storing your data without you knowing.

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